The Smell of Teen Spirit

A play based on Kurt Cobain´s death:

Since 1994, a group of Nirvana fans get together to commemorate the death of Kurt Cobain … In an effort to prove the impossibility of his suicide, they carry out a dangerous ritual that includes drugs,  alcohol and a shotgun … and that’s a very dangerous combination guys…

After all these years, all that remains is the smell of teen spirit.


The Smell of Teen Spirit is a play based on Kurt Cobain’s death, written by Karin Valecillos and directed by Abiram Brizuela. After all these years, millions of Nirvana fans around the world still question the death of Kurt Cobain: was it murder or was it suicide?

Many of us are part of a generation that wanted to go outside to scream out our thoughts and fight for an ideal, but the media was too distracted by Miss USA to take us into consideration. Today, the revolution of the media has changed the history of freedom of speech for all; with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, we are increasingly able to come as we are and defend what we believe. However, now that we have the army, we don’t have any ideal to fight for.

The Smell of Teen Spirit is an open invitation to recall the great force that the teen spirit has, to remember the army of musicians and fans willing to do whatever it took to change the rules of the system.

This Blog is for the fans. For the ones that have been waiting to fight for an ideal. We want to bring back that ideal; together, we want all the fans to come forward and bring back that ideal with us. To express ourselves, and say what is in our minds.

It is time to bring Kurt back again … it’s time to think outside the box and use that great power we have… it’s time to bring back the smell of teen spirit.






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